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Capy - Spicy Fuxia

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Step up your style game with Capy Blazer, crafted from the finest Silk Spandex. Experience the ultimate comfort while exuding sophistication and class. Its perfect fit and versatile design make it a must-have for any occasion, whether it be a professional setting or a night out on the town. Say goodbye to stuffy and uncomfortable blazers, and hello to Capy – the perfect blend of comfort and style. Invest in yourself, elevate your wardrobe with Capy Blazer today!

  • Made from the finest Silk Spandex for ultimate comfort and luxury
  • Maintains sharp, sophisticated look
  • Perfect fit for any occasion, from office to a night out
  • Combination of comfort and style
  • Elevate your wardrobe with our Capy Blazer.


Fabric: Silk Spandex (96% Silk 4% Elastan)

Capy - Spicy Fuxia
Capy - Spicy Fuxia Angebot€290.00 Regulärer Preis€414.00