Fashion is more than just clothing, it is an extension of our personality. It is how we translate what is invisible on the inside to the outside world. It is the armour we choose for our daily battles, from early mornings to late nights sprinkled with stars. It is how we want to be perceived and what we use to slip into a wide variety of roles during our lives.

At Joyce & Girls we believe in ‘getting the most out of life’ and this applies to everything we do; from the colorful and stunningly eclectic pieces we design, to the care of our employees and customers. We want to go further by challenging the status quo of ‘fitting in’, daring ourselves and others to be themselves unapologetically. It is why our designs are made beautifully abstract and primed for colourful minds.

Our strong values and belief in originality and the self originate from our founder, Murielle Sapart. A free spirited, vibrant and elegant woman who was constantly inspired by designs and shapes as she discovered the world through travel. Her spirit and desire to break the mould is what continuously inspires our work and our designs for the ever evolving modern woman.

At Joyce & Girls, we dress the darers and the next generation of change makers.