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Our Story

At Joyce & Girls we believe in the need to ‘get the most out of life’, whether this concerns our product, employees and/or customers. We challenge the status quo of ‘simply fitting in’ and believe we all have the responsibility to ourselves and others to be ‘your best self’, being critical, whilst not forgetting to smile.

The brand’s strong values originate from its founder, Murielle Sapart. A free spirited, colourful and elegant woman, inspired by design and shapes that led her to run three season brands, which eventually merged in 2013 to form what is today known as Joyce & Girls.

Murielle was driven by the desire for garments to liberate the body, granting effortless freedom of movement.

Now in its second generation, her two sons, Tristan & Nelson Pirouz, are spearheading with a clear vision building on the underlying values of this expressive and playful brand. 

Prints and corresponding colours are created in-house from its Italian fashion and graphic designer team. In preparation for a new collection, an average of 190 working hours are invested in a single print. The result is a sophisticated fusion of colours in combination with exclusive silk to flatter the tasteful, fresh, confident woman.



The free-spirited expressive approach of Murielle continues today, through the ready-to-wear and accessories collection. The Joyce & Girls product line includes apparel, beachwear, silk accessories, footwear and handbags. Today Joyce & Girls is sold in 500+ department stores and multi brand boutiques stretching from Paris to Tokyo and St. Barth to Marrakech.

At Joyce & Girls we wish to contribute to the movement of breaking the status quo of fitting in and creating beautiful abstract and colourful minds.

Dressing the darers and building the next generation of change-makers.

— Tristan Pirouz, Co-Owner