Fashion is more than just clothing, it is an extension of our personality. It is how we translate what is invisible on the inside to the outside world. It is the armour we choose for our daily battles, from early mornings to late nights sprinkled with stars. It is how we want to be perceived and what we use to slip into a wide variety of roles during our lives. At Joyce & Girls we believe in ‘getting the most out of life’ and this applies to everything we do; from the colorful and stunningly eclectic pieces we design, to the care of our employees and customers. We want to go further by challenging the status quo of ‘fitting in’, daring ourselves and others to be themselves unapologetically. It is why our designs are made beautifully ...


From Zurich to Tokyo, from Saint Tropez to Saint Barths. With great attention to detail we are building a unique look that aligns with our international and eclectic clientele.


With our Italian designer, Alle Filosa, and a Belgian founder, we are a fusion of European fashion with a strong Italian influence.


Founded by Murielle Sapart, Joyce & Girls is now in its second generation and lead by her two sons, Tristan and Nelson Pirouz


All of our prints are handcrafted by our talented team of designers and exclusive to Joyce & Girls. On average we spend a total of 190 working hours on each print in preparation for a collection


In our collections you will find a range of exclusive fabrics, but our core focus is always on bringing you the best silk and cashmere.


Designs made with 100% love deserve your care in return. Since we work with exclusive yet delicate fabrics it is important to read and follow our simple care instructions. Because taking care of your garments allows them to take care of you for longer.


With a shining radiance and stretchy feel, silk spandex gives you the comfort of movement that you might be missing regular fabrics. A smooth fabric that feelslike a second layer of skin, yet durable enough to take on anything.


A light material perfect to summer, silk viscose spandex is a light and lovely mixture of two natural fibers, silk and viscose, which is made out of wood cellulose, and spandex. With a shiny finish, this is a fabric that keeps its structure well and works beautifully in many designs.


Exuding luxury with its closely spun threads, silk twill is a well loved fabric that is used in everything from luxury scarfs to haute couture. As traditional twill, silk twill also drapes well and is an elegant finish to any design.


With a soft and powdery finish, this beautiful fabric offers a fluid drape and a smooth feel. Crepe de chine is a way to spin silk that that leaves a special matte effect.


Giving you a fresh and light summer feel, with a silky touch of luxury. A lovely blend between two natural fabrics, silk and cotton, makes for a breathable and comfortable finish.


Classic and cosy comfort in cashmere, a soft fabric made from yarn from cashmere goats in the mountains of Mongolia. Lightweight and a perfect match with silk, cashmere is great choice for colder days (or nights) with its natural warming properties.All of the cashmere we use is cruelty-free.